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Prenatal + Mums & Bubs YOGA

Yoga is not a guilty pleasure but an intrinsic part of maintaining physical, mental and emotion health, especially through our early parenting years!


9:30am Friday - 75 min class


The class includes breath work (Pranayama), relaxation (meditation) and asana (posture work). Generally class will work to a theme to help support the pregnant women through pregnancy or prepare for birth and postnatal period. e.g. yoga for birthing, yoga for pelvic floor, increasing energy, stabilising pelvis and calming the nervous system.

I suggest waiting until you are 12 weeks along if you have never practiced yoga before.


Postnatal mums are welcome to attend class.

Pricing: $18 Casually or a 6 Pass Card for $90

Mums & Bubs

11am Friday - 45 min class

Catering for babies minimum of 4 months through to crawling (12 months approx)

Class includes asana (posture) and some breath work (pranayama). Song and nursery rhyme are used to invite and encourage bubs to be involved through class. This class works on the concept of mindful movement for postnatal mummies: a chance to breath, bend and stretch releasing some of the tension that can build up in the body and mind of busy new parents. (Dads are welcome to attend with their babies)

Pricing: $12 Casually or a 6 pass card for $60

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