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Waterbabies Workshop

This informative workshop has been especially created to teach you all you need to know in theory, and practise, to install sound foundations for your babies progressive aquatic development.


Through attending you will begin to give your baby one of the most amazing and essential gifts of life. Learning to Swim, and swim strong.


Duration: 1 hour

Mums and Dads are encouraged to attend. 

Inclusions: 15 minute powerpoint presentation and your very 1st step by step pool lesson - in our enclosed, draught free (heated from 32-34 degrees) Magnesium Pool. 

We can also supply you with cute reusable, adjustable Eco Friendly Swim Nappies.

Cost: $45

Even before you arrive at your workshop we like you to get your home practice started by asking you to subscribe and stream online our "Newborn Aquatic Program" i.e relevant for your babies age. 

This online streaming video, needs to be followed at home while you attend lessons so that good progression is acquired. 



There are a few options for term payments after your initial workshop: 

Term payments are preferred at $18 per half hour lesson - 2 makeups apply for missed lessons. We offer small personal classes with maximum of 4 children. 


Please follow these "BABY STEPS" and let the aquatic adventures begin:   


Stream your online video

FYI - if your baby is 5 to 12 months we recommend the 4 month menu.



Contact me through - to book your Workshop or call me if you would like more info - 0404 156 195



Attend your Workshop and very 1st Pool Lesson



Be placed in a class of a maximum of 4 children - scheduled outside of your babies sleep times 



Attend regular weekly classes and continue to practise your home lesson plan for the best progression possible. 

Waterbabies Workshop Theory 

The benefits of baby swimming.

How early aquatic education aids your child's overall development.

Reflexes associated with swimming and submersion.

Preparation for going underwater

Water safety

Your 1st Pool Lesson

 Orientation of pool and area.

Entering the pool safely with a baby.

Correct holds and basic class lesson plan to prepare you for your 1st class.

Songs and colourful toys to stimulate imagination.  

Preparation for submersion.

Floating methods

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