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Specially created for parents and their babies with the view of developing a lifetime of swimming safety and enjoyment.

Following the menu format, can be purchased online just for your babies age group or you can have access to the whole collection of educational videos from Birth to 4 months. The informative sections clearly explain all relevant elements, encouraging sound early aquatic education for your little one.


The step by step exercises from birth to 4 months -  (suitable up to 12 months) -teach you how to hold, and handle your baby confidently in the bath. The routines learnt transition beautifully to your first pool lesson.

There is no time like now to begin your child's aquatic education and have a lot of fun at Caba Waterbabies.  

Aspects covered include baby swim development, the associated reflexes which play an integral role in early swim progression and various other benefits. You will also learn how to prepare your baby for their very 1st submersion - right to FAQs for your 1st swim lesson.


Finally, the "Water Safety" message will develop awareness about the importance of keeping your child safe around your home, or any body of water. When parents adhere to these messages they may just, one day help save their life!

Please follow these "BABY STEPS" and let the aquatic adventures begin:


Stream your online video

FYI - if your baby is 5 to 12 months we recommend the 4 month menu.



Contact me through - to book your Workshop or call me if you would like more info - 0404 156 195



Attend your Workshop and very 1st Pool Lesson



Be placed in a class of a maximum of 4 children - scheduled outside of your babies sleep times 



Attend regular weekly classes and continue to practise your home lesson plan for the best progression possible. 

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